Hi there, my name is Chloe Looker & you’re looking at my graphic design portfolio. Thanks for stopping by! 

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Design Lecture Series 

Identity for CCA’s Spring 2022 Lecture Series with GRL GRP
Spring 2022

California College of the Arts trusted GRL GRP to design the identity for their Spring 2022 Lecture Series. The series featured CCA alumni as part of every event, inspiring GRL GRP to lean into CCA’s heritage as a school for arts and CRAFTS. We focused on the relationship between craft and womens’ work, which led us to explore textiles, pattern making, and weaving. By blending digital and physical mediums, GRL GRP was able to create something new, yet familiar. 

We started by taking images of household textiles and digitally altering them to create base patterns to work with. After two years of  gathering digitally due to COVID, we wanted to create this identity off of the computer using physical making methods. We each made two posters (I made the main poster for the series and the one for the “Extimacy” lecture). I also helped construct the large woven posters with the help of two other GRL GRP members. 

After arriving at this imagery and text treament, we applied them across promotional materials, both digital and physical including social media posts, Zoom backgrounds, and slide decks.

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Typefaces used Authentic Sans by Christina Janus and Desmond Wong

Icons in the Making Workshop

Workshop with senior leadership of YBCA
Winter 2022

This workshop put on by GRL GRP in partnership with YBCA explored icons. Icons can  establish  shared meaning among a group of people and are generally pictorial. For example, the icon of a file folder on your computer is a depiction of a physical folder. We can also think of icons as symbols that can more abstractly point to a concept or idea. In this latter sense, icons and symbols generate meaning through their use.  How an icon is perceived depends greatly on the viewer's cultural background and context. The goal for the workshop was not to create something “universal” but rather something personal. Participants explored how to co-create a visual representation of an idea.

The participants were given two out of the four theme words: OPEN, SHARE, FUN & STRETCH. They were then tasked with creating icons for their themes.  

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San Pablo Mural

Public mural collaboration between GRL GRP and IF/THEN Studios
Fall 2022

This collaboration between GRL GRP and IF/THEN Studios makes use of an otherwise unused piece of land on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, CA. In the Spring of 2022 the space will be developed into affordable housing. But in the meantime GRL GRP teamed up with IF/THEN to create something.

IF/THEN painted the building their signature pink while GRL GRP looked to our collective archive for the mural. Specifically, to the work of Sara Chieko Bonnickson who collected and archived weeds in Berkeley as part of her MFA Design thesis work. We wheatpasted the weeds on the building as a symbol of the structure decomposing before it gets demolished. 

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Handle with Care

Mail art project culminating in a newspaper & book
Spring 2021

This is my MFA Design thesis project. A mail art project exploring how graphic design & printed matter can connect people in unique ways. Specifically, the project explores themes of vulnerability, connection, care, maintenance, & interdependence.

I sent out care packages of items I designed and printed (using a risograph and an inkjet printer) to 55 people. They included stickers, a refrigerator magnet, a set of three postcards, a letter inviting them to participate in the project, & a workbook with questions I've been asking myself throughout my research & design process with space to respond. I’m in the process of collecting the responses I’ve received into a newspaper publication, as well as documenting the project through a risograph printed book. Additionally, I have translated some elements of the project into webpages: Handle with Care Workbook & How Can Publishing Create Community?

I created a custom typeface for the project by carving letterforms into rubber stamps. 

Typefaces used
Victoriana by Velvetyne
Carrie by Vocal Type
Work Sans by Wei Huang
Stamp by me

Birdwatching in Buena Vista Park

A project aimed at creating an instrument which engages with nature
Fall 2020

A notebook documenting my experience birdwatching in Buena Vista Park over a period of six months as well as place for others to document their own birdwatching experiences. In conjuction with the notebook, I also made a tool to photograph birds through my binoculars, which I call the “binobox.” Here you can see the notebook, the tool, as well as the images it produces. 

I designed, risograph printed, and comb bound the 5x7in. notebook and created the binobox using a cardboard box, masking tape, a pair of binoculars, and a GoPro.

Typefaces used
Victoriana by Velvetyne
Work Sans by Wei Huang