Hi there, my name is Chloe Looker & you’re looking at my graphic design portfolio. Thanks for stopping by! 

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ICA Fund Core Values Series

Social media graphics
Summer 2022

I created a series of graphics for ICA Fund to showcase their core values through a social media campaign. Using ICA’s brand guide, I developed a series of six fresh and colorful graphics for each value, plus a title post. The aim of the campaign was to create something more playful while staying within ICA’s established brand.

Through the development of the series, I also created a template to be used for future campaigns showcasing the entrepreneurs they support. 

From both of these, I extrapolated a series of plug and play design assets (the various cut out shapes) ICA can use for future social media design needs.

Typefaces used Rational 

GRL GRP Website & Branding

Brand Identity & Web Design
Fall 2021

GRL GRP is a womxn run and feminist inspired design collective based in the Bay Area of California. Along with Ashlyn Jackson, I crafted GRL GRP’s brand identity and Rebecca Gardea and I designed and created our website

So what is GRL GRP? It’s the collective design practice of Ashlyn Jackson, Abigayle Cosinuke, Rebecca Gardea, Meg Quarton, Sarah Chieko Bonnickson, and myself. Together, we encourage and inspire one another to make new work while gaining recognition for our work by sharing a platform. We strive to carve out space in the design worls for ourselves and have fun doing it!

Typefaces used Narly by Zuzana Licko, Azul by Mariela Monsalve, and Authentic Sans by Christina Janus and Desmond Wong

CCA Design Lecture Series 

Identity & Assets for CCA’s Spring 2022 Lecture Series
Spring 2022

California College of the Arts trusted GRL GRP to design the identity for their Spring 2022 Lecture Series. The series featured CCA alumni as part of every event, inspiring GRL GRP to lean into CCA’s heritage as a school for arts and CRAFTS. We focused on the relationship between craft and womens’ work, which led us to explore textiles, pattern making, and weaving. By blending digital and physical mediums, GRL GRP was able to create something new, yet familiar. 

We started by taking images of household textiles and digitally altering them to create base patterns to work with. After two years of  gathering digitally due to COVID, we wanted to create this identity off of the computer using physical making methods. We each made two posters (I made the main poster for the series and the one for the “Extimacy” lecture). I also helped construct the large woven posters with the help of two other GRL GRP members. 

After arriving at this imagery and text treament, we applied them across promotional materials, both digital and physical including social media posts, Zoom backgrounds, and slide decks.

Want to learn more about GRL GRP? Visit our website!

Typefaces used Authentic Sans by Christina Janus and Desmond Wong

Howdy Wine

Branding & Label Design, Hand Lettering
Spring 2022

Howdy Wine trusted GRL GRP with creating a label for their bottles. 

The Howdy logo is GRL GRP original rope textured lettering. I did the hand lettering of the “Howdy” logo and Ashlyn Jackson made and applied the custom rope texture. The color of the label comes from the wine during the fermentation process and each application uses one of four unique shapes. I also took the product shots with my film camera. 

Want to learn more about GRL GRP? Visit our website!

Typefaces used Euripides by Tanvi Sharma 

Freda Salvador
Brand Video

Branding, Motion Graphics, & Collage
Spring 2019

A video using moving collages and type to promote a local Bay Area shoe company, Freda Salvador, to fulfill an assignment for a motion graphics class. The assignment was to choose a local company and create a brand video for them, the only restriction being the company could not already have a video of this kind.

This work was not in affiliation with the brand.