Hi there, my name is Chloe Looker and you’re looking at my graphic design portfolio.

I’m based in San Francisco and currently contracting at MacFadden and Thorpe while working as the 2024 Design Fellow at Headlands Center for the Arts with GRL GRP. Thanks for stopping by! 

Currently updating to add more projects, excuse the mess ︎

Check Your Shelf

Packaging Design / Illustration

Winter 2024


Check Your Shelf is a literary trivia game coming out this Fall. As a designer at MacFadden & Thorpe (MT), I designed the packaging for the game as well as the back sides of the cards.

This project allowed me to flex my illustration muscle. Each element on the bookshelf is representative of a category in the game. The design aims to be eye-catching enough to stop you in the book store while immediately recognizing the subject matter of the game. 

Art direction: Brett MacFadden and Scott Thorpe
Typefaces used: Brandon Grotesque and Meursault Variable


Information Design / Infographics / Motion Graphics



As a designer at MacFadden & Thorpe, we worked with Plaid to create a variety of resources and assets for whitepapers, marketing materials, ad campaigns and more. Here is a selection of a few Plaid projects I designed including animated ads and a large-scale infographic. 

Art direction: Plaid Marketing Team


Social Media Graphics /  Template / Environmental Graphics



As a long-time client of MacFadden & Thorpe, I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on a few projects for Airbnb. 

I designed a series of signs for their office re-opening. Additionally, I created social media banners for their Host Group meet-ups. For these graphics, I also created a Figma template so they can create new graphics for groups as they need them. 

Art direction: Scott Thorpe

Léonie Guyer's 'conclave' Exhibition Book

Artist Book Design

Fall 2023


GRL GRP worked with Staircase Gallery in San Francisco, CA to design a book for an exhibition of Léonie Guyer’s work entitled, ‘conclave.’ According to Staircase, “Léonie Guyer makes paintings, drawings, site-based work, and books. Her work is characterized by idiosyncratic shapes that are situated in a variety of spaces.” 

The layout of the book, as wel as the typesetting, aim to reflect Guyer’s use of space in her work. The size (5.375 x 10.625 in.) and orientation of the book is a knod to the gallery’s physical space of a single staircase. It is bound with paper fastener brads and was printed and bound by Coast Litho in Oakland, CA. 

Typefaces used: Mrs. Eaves 
Photos by Jenna Garrett

Perish Trust Logo Redesign

Branding / Logo / Web Design

Fall 2022


One of my all-time favorite San Francisco shops, Perish Trust, asked me to redesign their logo. Together, we started by exploring type. After selecting the logo type and layout, I started experimenting with Case for Making‘s indigo ink (which you can find at the shop). The inclusion of a hand-made mark connects to the shop’s history and ethos, selling vintage and contemporary, hand crafted items from local and not-so-local artists and makers.

I also consulted on their new website design, provding feedback throughout the process. Specifically, I selected the typefaces and accent color for the site. Check it out here

Typefaces used: Combine by Julie Patard, Bookmania by Mark Simonson, and HK Grotesk by Hanken Design Co.