Hi there, my name is Chloe Looker and I’m passionate about how design can connect people in unique ways. I’m based in San Francisco and currently working with MacFadden and Thorpe. Additionally, I’m the 2024 Design Fellow at the Headlands Center for the Arts with GRL GRP. Thanks for stopping by! 

CCA VCS Symposium Identity

Identity & Graphics for Spring Symposium

Spring 2024

MT ︎︎︎ Studio

Responding to themes of transition and transformation, these graphics come from an image of a butterfly wing. A classic symbol of transformation, the wing is abstracted in order to not be too on-the-nose. The graphics soak though the type, connoting ideas of change and transformation. The colors are meant to evoke spring and were originally inspired by tulip petals.  

After landing on the graphic direction through the poster design, I  applied the identity across printed and digital assets. (A printed and digital program, stickers and refrigerator magnets, along with social media and digital invitation assets.) 

Art Direction: Brett MacFadden
Typefaces used: Henrietta and DM Sans