Hi there, my name is Chloe Looker and I’m passionate about how design can connect people in unique ways. I’m based in San Francisco and currently working with MacFadden and Thorpe. Additionally, I’m the 2024 Design Fellow at the Headlands Center for the Arts with GRL GRP. Thanks for stopping by! 

Léonie Guyer's conclave Exhibition Book

Artist Book Design

Fall 2023


GRL GRP worked with Staircase Gallery in San Francisco, CA to design a book for an exhibition of Léonie Guyer’s work entitled, ‘conclave.’ According to Staircase, “Léonie Guyer makes paintings, drawings, site-based work, and books. Her work is characterized by idiosyncratic shapes that are situated in a variety of spaces.” 

The layout of the book, as wel as the typesetting, aim to reflect Guyer’s use of space in her work. The size (5.375 x 10.625 in.) and orientation of the book is a knod to the gallery’s physical space of a single staircase. It is bound with paper fastener brads and was printed and bound by Coast Litho in Oakland, CA. 

Typefaces used: Mrs. Eaves 
Photos by Jenna Garrett