Hi there, my name is Chloe Looker and I’m passionate about how design can connect people in unique ways. I’m based in San Francisco and currently working with MacFadden and Thorpe. Additionally, I’m the 2024 Design Fellow at the Headlands Center for the Arts with GRL GRP. Thanks for stopping by! 

San Pablo Mural

Public Mural in Collaboration with IF/THEN Studios

Fall 2022


This collaboration between GRL GRP and IF/THEN Studios made use of an otherwise unused piece of land on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, CA. In the Spring of 2022 the space was set to be developed into affordable housing. But in the few months beforehand, GRL GRP teamed up with IF/THEN to create something new.

IF/THEN painted the building their signature pink while GRL GRP looked to our collective archive to create a mural. Specifically, to the work of Sara Chieko Bonnickson who collected and archived weeds in Berkeley as part of her MFA Design thesis work. We wheatpasted the weeds on the building as a symbol of the structure decomposing before it gets demolished. 

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