Hi there, my name is Chloe Looker and I’m passionate about how design can connect people in unique ways. I’m based in San Francisco and currently working with MacFadden and Thorpe. Additionally, I’m the 2024 Design Fellow at the Headlands Center for the Arts with GRL GRP. Thanks for stopping by! 

Honey Honey Branding

Brand Identity / Logo / Illustration

Fall 2022


Honey Honey, a small business out of Berkeley, CA entrusted me with creating the core branding system for their new venture. It was such a delight to collaborate with founder and artist Jessica Niello-White. After trading inspiration and fleshing out the desired feel for the brand, I started by exploring options for the logotype. Using this logo type as a foundation, created a logo system, chose a third complipentary typeface, colors, and graphic elements to be used in different ways.

You can see all of these elements in these selections from the brand guide I created. I’ve also included some images from sketches throught the design process. 

Typefaces used: Carta Nueva by My-Lan Thuong and Sharp Type, Ogg by Sharp Type, and Helvetica Neue by Linotype Design Studio and Max Meidinger