Internalized Misogyny Notebook & Flag

Book Design & Production / Risograph Printing

Fall 2019


I made this notebook to create a space to reflect on internalized misogyny without shame. The concept is rooted in the work of philospher Kate Manne who positions misogyny as the “policing force of the patriarchy.” By creating a place to reflect on instances in which each of us uphold this system, I hope to reduce its power.

Designed a flag design and created a risograph print to remind users to confront sexist thoughts, actions, or beliefs they may have or have done (consciously or unconsciously).

I designed, printed, and perfect bound the 6x8 in. notebook. Without the resources to manufacture an actual flag, I risograph printed the flag design to create a print to accompany the notebook.

Typefaces used: Laica by Dinamo