Hi there, my name is Chloe Looker and I’m passionate about how design can connect people in unique ways. I’m based in San Francisco and currently working with MacFadden and Thorpe. Additionally, I’m the 2024 Design Fellow at the Headlands Center for the Arts with GRL GRP. Thanks for stopping by! 

Natel Energy Branding

Branding / Logo Design

Spring 2024

MT ︎︎︎ Studio

Natel is is a high-performance, FishSafe™ hydropower engineering company based in Alameda, CA. Along with the MacFadden and Thorpe team, I worked to move the brand lanaguage towards one based in organic curves. This connects to multiple aspects of Natel from the shape of their tubrines to the fish and river ecosystems they work to protect. 

According to MT, “ This is paired with a wordmark where the “N” tapers in a wave-like curve. Retaining their signature color Nateal, akin to John Deere’s green or Caterpillar’s yellow, we expanded their palette and modernized their typography.”

I (specifically) created the symbol for the logo, helped to expand Natel’s color palette, and created graphic language elements taken from the new logo. I then worked to apply this new system to a variety of assets.

Art direction: Brett MacFadden and Scott Thorpe
Typefaces used: Euclid Circular A